Today we are going to see a very important topic in the world of Bangkok escorts. And we know that it is very important because our clients have asked us a lot about it and we have decided to clarify this doubt they have.

Many men and women who hire Bangkok girls from Bangkok do not know how to act with them, nor how they do it with them. Who takes the initiative? How do I have to fix it? How will the escort dressed? What happens if we do not have any conversation? Do I have to take the appointment seriously even if I’m hiring a service?

There  are many other questions we will try to explain below.
How do we prepare for the appointment with our Bangkok escort?

First, let’s talk about them. Our girls take their appointment with the client very seriously, and if it is the first one then the importance is still higher! They want to impress you and leave you totally satisfied, even when they know that you can be fantasizing about them for days before and that you expect everything to go out to ask for a wedding.

Keep in mind that a Bangkok escort is exposed every week to similar situations and, although you are not very comfortable or comfortable when you stay with a person the first day, she unwraps like a fish in the water in that aspect.

And what should the client do? The first thing to do is to live up to the situation. Our escorts from Bangkok are girls of very high class, not only for the physical but also for their culture and level of studies, so the ideal is that you show that you are up to such a hottie.

How does the escort act on a date and how should you do it?

As our company girl is high standing and also wants to impress you, she will put on her best clothes, her best jewelry, dresses and lingerie. And during the appointment, you should be elegant, fun and refined. All of them love to listen to their clients, regardless of whether they are new or not. So if you want to tell the new success of your company or something of your ex-wife you can trust her and her secrecy.

On the other hand, she will be affectionate and playful, so going dinner with her can be an exquisite experience. Besides, our escorts are incredibly sociable and have great gifts of people, so do not worry because they can give you uncomfortable silences or similar situations because they will not happen.

2.Here are few tips about how a client and their behavior should be, after asking the girls from our Bangkok escort:

 Be yourself!
There is nothing worse than trying to be whom you are not. If you are shy, let it be. If you are fun, quiet, extroverted, if you like to joke or get very nervous, there is nothing wrong! Keep in mind that Bangkok escorts are girls who have great ability to empathize with anyone and have many first encounters with men and women so they will know if you act as you are.

The problem of not showing your true face and being discovered is that it generates a somewhat strange sensation because … Why does someone behave in the way that is not? Why to impress others? Why do not you like yourself? In the real world, if you want, you can do it, but with a Bangkok escort, no.

And we will tell you why. The Bangkok escorts are women with great experience in sex and relationships, they have tried everything, and when we say everything is everything. And they do not seek to meet the typical man who would try to flirt in a bar, in a nightclub or at the bus stop.
What they seek to be in this work voluntarily, is something different. And that different is from you, you are the ones who dare to stay with them. So let yourself go and I know how natural you can be.

How to behave in bed with a Bangkok escort
A good time to talk about this is when you are talking at dinner, when you are having drinks or when you have called to contact our company girl.

For tastes the colors, and more in the bed, so you can do what you want since you will have hired it before. If you want to master the situation, master it. If you want certain things to be done, ask for them. And if you want to play certain games, say so. As long as there is mutual respect, the things you can do with a Bangkok escort in bed are endless.

Of course, if you have doubts about how to deal your first time with an escort, we recommend that you let her take the lead because she will be looking forward to having a great time and showing you that you will not regret spending the night with her.