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1.Ordered Bangkok Escort? Read The Do’s And Don’t Here:

Are you going to Bangkok for a business trip for a few days? Then make this even more memorable by ordering an escort lady. For this you are at the right place at Bangkok Escort site. As a professional escort agency we work with the most beautiful, exciting and sexiest escort girl in Bangkok. 

By ordering an escort girl with us, you can make your days in Bangkok even more exciting and memorable. Discreet Escort advises you to always order an escort lady at a reputable escort company with a permit. We are such a company. For example, we have permit and we keep the rules cleanly. We work discretely. In addition, we only work with escort girls who are 21 years or older. 

Order an escort girl quickly

Curious about our escort girls? Take a look at our portfolio and order a sexy escort girl here. She will give you exactly the service you so desire. You can think of an erotic massage, a standard service or oral sex, a trio or a striptease. 

Bangkok Escort has permit. This makes no problem to receive an escort girl in your room. As a professional escort agency we have good contacts with many hotels. The hotel staff goes very discrete with the escort visit. 

We only offer our escort services against payment. This means that you pay an amount for the provided escort service. This amount has already been determined in advance.
The do’s and dont’s:

When you order an escort in Bangkok for the first time, there are number of things that you probably do not know yet. The evening with the escort girl naturally runs to the end. During a normal date you make another follow-up appointment if it was fun. This is of course not the case during an appointment with an escort lady. You will therefore have to comply with a number of rules. You can read more about these rules below. 

Book extra time

The escort lady will no longer stay with you than has been agreed. If you would like to enjoy her for a few more hours, you can book some extra time. Of course, this is only possible for a fee. Discuss this with her at the beginning of your date. Do not do this at the end. If you would like to spend more time with the escort, you need to have some extra cash. Make sure you have this. Because of this no problems can arise. 

Do not ask her out
It is not good to ask the escort lady out. Your appointment was only business like and you can not ask her now. She will absolutely not go into this. 

Treat her with respect

Bangkok Escort is a professional escort company. We only work with stylish and intelligent ladies who want to be treated with respect. If you make an appointment with an escort girl from our company, you should treat her with respect. Do not touch her when she comes in, but first make a nice chat. If you rush directly to her, she will run away. 

Do not ask for her personal information

You only have a business relationship with the escort lady. Do not ask for her e-mail address, her phone number or her Facebook page. It is not possible to make an appointment directly with the escort lady. We represent the escort girls and you can only order a lady through our company. 

Do not make personal calls

You should also not ask for her personal details, it is also not good to have a personal conversation with the escort lady. If you ask her a personal question she will not go into this. Keep the conversation superficial and airy. 

Put the money ready

Make sure you have the money ready in an envelope. Put this money ready before the escort lady is there. After the evening you give the envelope to her. Do not count the money when she is still there. This is disrespectful. 

Do not negotiate the price

The price is fixed. This is absolutely impossible to negotiate. The escort girl will not really lower the price. If you have handed her too much low amount, you will immediately hear from us.
Also think about the tip

Tipping is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. The escort girl will really appreciate this. The next time you order her she will pamper you extra. 

Dissatisfied with the service? 

It is of course possible that you are not satisfied with the service that an escort girl from Bangkok Escort gives you. If you are unhappy, there are a number of things you can do. If the escort lady is still with you then you can discuss the complaint with her. She then understands you and will leave your hotel room. It is also an option to directly contact us. You can also do this if the escort lady is still with you.

There are several reasons why an escort visit can be disappointing. You may not find the escort girl attractive. Of course it is also possible that the escort lady does not give you the service you asked for. 

Bangkok Escort is a professional escort company that cooperates with experienced high class escort ladies. Of course, you may not be completely satisfied with the service that a lady gives you. In that case you can look for a solution that is satisfactory for you as well as for the escort lady. 

Contact us directly

Talk about it with the escort girl and contact us directly. End your date and do not let it continue. By acting like that, you treat the escort lady with respect.

The escort ladies from Bangkok Escort all have ample experience with working in the escort industry. They have lot of fun in their work and are very social. In this way they ensure that our customers are always well spoiled and have a great evening.

Experience a real girlfriend experience

If you order a high class escort at Bangkok Escort, this lady will give you a real girlfriend experience. She then gives you the feeling that she is your girlfriend. This will make your evening truly unforgettable. You will experience very exciting days in Amsterdam. We guarantee you at least an evening full of pleasure and pleasure.