It is noticed that men do not like to go to the doctors. Most of them hate tests. As a result, men on average die before women. And the question arises: can a man take care of his health in any other way except by going to a doctor? Here are some expert tips.

1. Day without meat

About whether to eat meat or not, there are disputes. In this case, one fact is proved unequivocally: the less fatty meat in the diet, the better for health.

The reduction of this product in the menu leads to a simultaneous decrease in fat, salt, hormones and antibiotics. So you can select one day a week, when meat will be replaced by vegetables, cereals, sandwiches and low-fat soups.

Such a menu will quickly have a positive impact on health. In the West, this rule is already followed by millions of people. In the USA, for example, it is customary to spend meat-free Monday — the first day of the working week.

2. 45 minutes in motion

You can choose another day a week specifically for physical activity. It is easy to find 45 minutes and to devote to any of the free days.

their sole movement. You can run, swim, ride a bike, play volleyball or football.

As a result, excess fat will disappear, and with it the risk factors for diabetes, asthma, heart disease, hypertension, and osteoporosis. In addition, you can strengthen your muscles, which, again, will have a positive effect on your mobility, and therefore on health in general

3. Three “with”

There are several things that can benefit health, and they all begin with the letter “s”. Firstly, sport, secondly, sex, and thirdly, salsa. The latter refers to dance, although the sauce of the same name is also quite useful. It is made from tomatoes, and it is rich in lycopene, which prevents male cancers.

4. Walking

10,000 steps a day improve health and serve as a disease prevention. So if you can, it’s better to walk. On sale there are inexpensive pedometers, in addition, there are applications for the smartphone to count the steps. But the main thing – not calculations, but actually walking.

5. Broccoli

This type of cabbage contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium and substances with an anticarcinogenic property. Broccoli can be eaten boiled or steamed, with olive oil and garlic, or added to pasta.

6. Communication

One of the factors for the greater life expectancy of women is that they maintain contacts with girlfriends, relatives, and colleagues, which should be an example for men.It is proved that lonely people get sick more often and die earlier than those who are surrounded by a loving family or friends.

7. Useful bananas

In these fruits, there is a lot of potassium, which helps regulate pressure, heart rhythm, helps prevent stroke caused by increased blood clotting. No wonder experts advise to replace various ready-made salty delicacies with natural bananas.

8. Red wine and chocolate

Have you been taking care of your health all week long, doing sports, going on foot? Treat yourself to something enjoyable — for example, a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate. Chocolate is desirable to eat bitter, because it contains a lot of cocoa and low sugar. And when drinking wine, although it supports the normal state of the cardiovascular system and brain, moderation should be observed.

9. Testosterone Blood Test

Depression, obesity, weak erection, general weakness are all signs of a decrease in testosterone levels. But before you start taking antidepressants and Viagra, you should do a blood test for the content of testosterone. If it is below normal, then there are ways to restore its level.